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Mrs. Helmig's HOT READ!

EDCI Book cover

              Ohmygosh, THIS BOOK!  I love how this book focuses on all of the practical teaching pedigogy of a well structured lesson and puts it into an easy to follow format.  It is easy to read and makes so much sense!  I would love to do a book study with anyone interested next year . . . As we know, progress for students comes from quality teaching.

According to the authors, the book includes:
*  strategies for student engagement
*  expanded feedback strategies
*  clear alignment to standards
*  new strategy for skill development and guided practice
*  expanded information about skill differentiation and guided practice
*  an online bank of more than 1000 lessons

Mrs. Pierce's HOT READ!

Word Nerds Book

Word Nerds focuses on vocabulary
 instruction in the classroom.  The
 book breaks away from the traditional  approach of memorizing definitions
and applying them into context of a
sentence.  The authors included many games that can be used to engage students in their word study, and a list of books that are rich in vocabulary.



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