Breakfast Prices

Regular $1.95
Reduced $0.30
Regular $9.75
Reduced $1.50

Lunch Prices

Regular $2.90
Reduced $0.40
Regular $14.50
Reduced $2.00

Extra Milk $0.50

Adult Prices
Breakfast $2.45
Lunch $3.90

(Milk $0.50 Extra)

Breakfast is served between

8:00 am until 8:15 am.

Nutritious, hot lunches are available to students wishing to purchase them. This can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Children may also bring a lunch from home. Lunch menus are sent home monthly and appear weekly in the local newspapers. They may also be found on the school website. Daily lunch menus are read over the local radio station, KOKO. Free or reduced price breakfasts and lunches are available to those families meeting federal income guidelines. Additional food items (fresh fruits, vegetables, juices or milk) will be available as choices or additions to lunch or breakfast. Children who bring sack lunches may also purchase these items. Extra milk may be purchased for 50 cents.

Students are not allowed to share or exchange ANY food with other students in the lunchroom. This rule is for health reasons. We strongly discourage students from bringing soda pop in their lunch boxes. This is not a nutritious beverage and there is usually too much to drink during lunch, and it has to be poured out.

Students eat in the cafeteria during their assigned lunch period and are supervised by cafeteria aides. Good table manners are expected.

Lunch Schedules

3rd Grade

5th Grade

4th Grade