Thinking of Summer 
As June begins, it is time to refresh and relax.  It is time to enjoy our family and friends.  We have spent the past ten months pouring our hearts and minds to the students in our charge.  Throughout the year, I know my house has been neglected.  My family has forgotten what my cooking tastes like and I may have to look up friends phone numbers again.  But it won't be long until I start missing the little guy waving at me every time he passes my room...the hugs at morning bus duty.  Maybe not at the first sign of missing school, but within the first couple of weeks I will begin reflecting on what I can do better next year.  How can I improve myself at school.

What about you?  Have you begun the stretch of refreshing and relaxing?  Are you enjoying time with family and friends?  Have you begun to recharge your personal life?  After you have taken a break for yourself, begin the healthy process of reflection.  Begin to challenge yourself professionally.  How can you make next year even better and share that with someone.  Enjoy your time of rejuvenation both personally and professionally.
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