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And just like that it is April!  Just like any year, this year has been filled with ups and downs.  We have learned along with our students.  We have celebrated and we have cried.  Now it feels like the moment of truth is upon us as MAP testing has arrived, but is it really a moment of truth?  As a teacher, we know what Susie Sunshine knows and doesn't know.  We are experts at collecting data and using it.  Yes, this test is necessary for those outside the classroom to take a peek inside, but as a teacher we know where Susie has really grown.  As we were talking this week about a student that may not yet show proficient on the MAP test, but we know that he can spell more than double the number of sounds that he knew at the beginning of the year.  Another student that may not yet be proficient on MAP no longer has behavior problems, even though when he moved into our building earlier this year the previous school called to "prepare" us.  Another student spends more time with her head up because she is feeling like she can.  As a teacher, MAP testing is a fact of life, but let's not put too much stock in it or stress ourselves (an more importantly our students) more than necessary.  Let's think of this as a time to celebrate and show what we do know.  We've got this! 

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This week, I witnessed something that moved me, and I wish everyone could see it with me.  I have seen teachers making phone calls to ensure that “their babies” are okay.  I have heard about the tears they shed because they missed them so much and the shock because they had no idea it was going to be so emotional not knowing when they would see them again.  I have witnessed fear about whether their students were able to come to the school to get the meals or whether the school was able to get the meals to their students.  And the concern that oozed from teachers when they were not able to reach families after multiple attempts has been extraordinary.  Our Student Services Coordinator has been working with teachers and her colleagues from other buildings from early morning until late at night trying to make sure all students are okay.  Then there has been planning for educational opportunities.  Teachers have done research on their own and in small groups.  They have met in grade level teams.  They have met in groups across the district.  They have met with Central Office and technology representatives.  I have been blessed to be a member of these teams.  I have met with over 40 teachers on Zoom this week while still balancing my family – just like the dedicated members of the teams that have taken my breath away this week.  I have heard not one teacher complain about the extra work, even though we all know it would be easier and more satisfying to be at school teaching.  It is just the way things are right now and we will do the best we can…for “our kids.” The biggest struggle I have seen for teachers is that they feel out of control and they want to do more.  One teacher called me in tears this week because she feels helpless.  Another called me wanting to find ways to provide meaningful experience to a student teacher under these circumstances. Our paraprofessionals want to be with their special someone.  All the adults are missing “real school.” None of us signed up for or planned for this situation.  We are being called to reinvent the way we are doing school in a matter of days and weeks, when even a standard curriculum would normally take us months and months of planning. However, I am even more confident than ever in the amazing people that surround me every day.  There is no doubt that they have risen to the occasion and they will continue to do whatever is necessary to support the families in our community in the current world of social distancing.   This week, I witnessed something that moved me. I have seen the hearts of those in the teaching community. I have seen their compassion, their dedication, their innovation and their commitment. And I wish everyone could see it with me.
Posted by thelmig  On Mar 29, 2020 at 12:36 PM
As June begins, it is time to refresh and relax.  It is time to enjoy our family and friends.  We have spent the past ten months pouring our hearts and minds to the students in our charge.  Throughout the year, I know my house has been neglected.  My family has forgotten what my cooking tastes like and I may have to look up friends phone numbers again.  But it won't be long until I start missing the little guy waving at me every time he passes my room...the hugs at morning bus duty.  Maybe not at the first sign of missing school, but within the first couple of weeks I will begin reflecting on what I can do better next year.  How can I improve myself at school. What about you?  Have you begun the stretch of refreshing and relaxing?  Are you enjoying time with family and friends?  Have you begun to recharge your personal life?  After you have taken a break for yourself, begin the healthy process of reflection.  Begin to challenge yourself professionally.  How can you make next year even better and share that with someone.  Enjoy your time of rejuvenation both personally and professionally.
Posted by thelmig  On Jun 01, 2017 at 2:35 PM 1 Comment
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